Villa Corliano



Denominazione di Origine Controllata

This wine is born from a careful selection of grapes that vary in colour from brown to pink to amber, typifying the Tuscan tradition. The grapes as left to dry on tiers of trellises from a period of time that varies depending on the year of harvest: in fact, the period for drying varies, depending on the humidity. At the moment of hulling, which is done by hand, imperfect grapes are eliminated. With a small manual press, the must is pressed, and after remaining for a few hours in small containers, it is put to in oak and chestnut kegs to ferment. Five years later, the kegs are opened After a few static decantings, the vinsanto is bottled. It is an excellent wine for social occasions, and is a fine accompaniment for biscuits, chocolate and aged cheeses.

90% Trebbiano Toscano
10% Malvasia

Alcohol content
18% vol.

Method of cultivation

Harvest and vinification
The grapes are carefully selected during the harvest, and picked by hand at various times, in order to assure maximum ripeness: with colours that vary from an intense yellow to an almost brown gold, the grapes are put to dry on mats in a special area that is well ventilated, where they stay until early January, when pressing takes place. The must thus obtained is poured in kegs, where it stays in order to heighten fermentation and refinement, in an attic area. The wine is allowed to mature for 5/6 years before bottling.

600 bottles, 0.500 litres

Organoleptic notes
Colour _ intense yellow, gold with amber reflections, vivid
Bouquet _ very complex, with traces of nuts, and acacia honey
Palate _ highly structured, and nicely sweet and soft, persistent.

Gastronomic accompaniments
An excellent wine that is a pleasant accompaniment to aged cheeses, delicious with biscuits and dark chocolate.